Saturday, October 21, 2006

This Week in Equalizer

Just in case you "have a job" and can't stay home to watch syndicated TV shows from the 80's, here's what you missed.

Victims helped:
  • Divorced mom whose son is dealing drugs.
  • Foreign woman who accidentally ran over a mugger and is being hunted by his two friends.
  • Housewife who nearly gets raped and is saved only when the would be rapist chases and murders a witness to the attempted rape.
  • Inner city clinic doctor tormented by street gang.
  • The tennants of a slumlord who is planning to kill his ex-wife.
Guest Stars who weren't really "stars" at the time: Christine Baranski, Adam "King Ad Roc" Horovitz, Alex Winter, Charles S. Dutton, Mark Linn-Baker, Meat Loaf, Roma Maffia, and Fred "The Hammer" Williamson.

Cases of legal system impotence:
  • Vice cops scoff at very idea of trying to go after drug dealer because he knows karate.
  • Two murderers freed because eyewitness might be too scared to testify, go on to admit they did it because the old man "called them."
  • Cop resorts to becoming vigilante after seeing too many criminals let go by prosecutors.
  • Two muggers let go after bungled mugging attempt leads to the following exchange:
    Cop: I know what you would have done... a little mugging. A little rape...
    Mugger: Aw, what's the big deal?
  • Police refuse to investigate murder when witness can't provide apartment number where it happened.
  • Street gang drives around streets of New York in Road Warrior-ed out Oldsmobile with members sitting on hood and roof, jumping out to beat up shopkeepers, steal stuff, demand protection money, beat up a man trying to take his sick baby to a health clinic, fire a pistol into a crowd of people. Police have no idea where to begin building a case.
  • A landlord trying to force people out of their rent-controlled apartments can't be touched by police because he "always makes sure he doesn't do anything illegal'... except the building has no sprinklers, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, or fire escapes. Oh, and he hires an arsonist to burn it down.
Other notable moments:
  • McCall gained access to a miraculous high tech device that could tell him the name and phone number of anyone who called his phone within a matter of minutes.


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