Friday, August 25, 2006

Underrated Badass of Cinema: Samantha Caine/Charly Baltimore

Back when Samuel L. Jackson was a badass [when he screamed Fuck You Motherfucker! You knew he would Fuck. You. Up. Watching trailers of Snakes on a Plane with him screaming Fuck You Motherfucker! at snakes is somehow less effective] he was in a movie in which, while still a badass, he was the 2nd fiddle badass to one Samantha Caine (a.k.a Charly Baltimore) in The Long Kiss Goodnight.

One day Samantha Caine is a nice single-mother, suffering from some amnesia, and she doesn’t remember anything before her daughter’s birth. A Christmas Eve car accident with some head trauma starts letting the old Samantha (Charly) resurface. First she's beningly chopping veggies for dinner and then she is expertly throwing knives at targets across the room! Throwing knives is dangerous!

Then she changes her whole look - she goes from long, curly, brown mousy hair, totally wholesome Walton's looking to bobbed platinum blonde with tons of eye liner and a leather jacket with a bullet hole. How many women do you know that would cut off 6-12 inches of long hair by themselves, and make it look awesome? None, that's how many.

She expertly shoots badguys while they are in a car and she is on ice skates! Ice skating assassin!

When trapped by the bad guys and facing death with her daughter, she never gives up:

Caitlin: Mommy, am I gonna die?
Charlie: Oh, no, baby, no. You're not going to die. They are. Cover your ears. Hey, should we get a dog?

In the end the bad guys are dead, the good guys are free, and Samantha has found a way to balance her mommy and assassin instincts.

Samantha/Charly: Underrated Badass of Cinema!


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